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In a divorce or custody dispute, your primary concern is the well-being of your children. You also fear that you will not get to spend enough time with them if you receive an unfair arrangement for custody and time-sharing (also called visitation).

My name is Jennifer H. Milne, and I am ready to help you. I founded South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC, so I could provide affordable legal services to people throughout the Delray Beach region. Helping clients with custody and time-sharing disputes is close to my heart, as I watched my husband go through a custody battle that involved severe parental alienation. With more than 20 years of experience, I am a tenacious ally who also cares deeply about you as a parent.

How Do Florida Courts Handle Custody?

Courts in Florida weigh several factors when issuing a time-sharing or child custody verdict. These include:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Each parent’s willingness to work with the other parent
  • The location of each parent’s home
  • A history of domestic abuse, addiction or mental illness
  • The preference of the child, in certain situations

I help many clients use private negotiations or family law mediation to arrive at a mutually satisfactory compromise with their former partner. With that said, these methods do not suit everyone’s situation. If your child’s other parent refuses to cooperate, I am an assertive litigator who has won many successful verdicts in custody cases, divorce cases and other trials.

Help Is Here For Survivors Of Domestic Violence

If you or your children have suffered from domestic abuse, you can turn to me for help. I have worked with many survivors of abuse, providing compassionate support as I guide them through the legal system and connect them to helpful resources. You can rely on me to do everything in my power to put an end to the abuse and secure a safe time-sharing and custody arrangement that keeps everyone safe.

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Are you concerned about how to afford a time-sharing and custody lawyer? Don’t be. I keep my rates affordable and offer one-off legal services. You can request a completely free, confidential phone consultation with me to discuss your needs.

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