Are you afraid to get a divorce because of financial uncertainty?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Alimony, Divorce, Property Division

Marriage involves making sacrifices to support each other. In many marriages, one spouse gives up their career to take on the role of homemaker. By doing so, the working spouse can concentrate on their job or business and come home to a clean house and even a delicious meal. When the marriage does not work out due to unforeseen circumstances and irreconcilable differences, where does that leave the non-working spouse?

If your spouse is the primary breadwinner, it is normal to fear divorce because you are worried about financial instability and hardship. You currently have no steady source of income after all. However, Florida recognizes that contributions to the marriage are not always monetary in nature. You may find relief in knowing you can achieve financial stability even after a divorce.

How an equitable distribution of marital property can help you

In Florida, the court will begin with the premise that the distribution of marital property between the spouses should be equal. The justification for an unequal distribution will be contingent on relevant factors, including contributions by each spouse to the marriage. Your contributions as homemaker are so significant because it allowed your spouse to get to where they are today. Therefore, you have just as must right to your marital property as they do.

You should know that everything your spouse purchased and acquired during your marriage is subject to an equitable distribution. It does not matter whether only their name is on the title. Even if you decide to settle property issues outside the courtroom, your lawyer can ensure you obtain your rightful share.

You could also request for spousal support

The court may also grant you an award of alimony, which comes in different forms. All types of alimony in Florida exist to ensure that neither spouse is at a financial disadvantage after a divorce. The award you receive will depend on your unique situation.

Navigating a divorce is scary, especially when you do not control the marital finances. Understanding the legal solutions and options available to you could alleviate some of that fear.