Is your former spouse turning your kids against you?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Parental Alienation, Parental Rights & Responsibilities

You have worked hard to maintain a loving relationship with your children through the whirlwind of divorce. However, despite your best efforts, it seems like your kids are slipping away. You suspect that it is due to the negative influence of your former spouse.

When one parent attempts to get their kids on their side by undermining the children’s relationship with the other parent, it is parental alienation. It can impact your parental rights as well as your children’s emotional well-being.

Here are things you can do if you suspect that your ex is trying to turn your children against you:

Keep calm and stay positive

When you suspect alienation is at play, it is crucial to maintain a calm and loving presence in your children’s lives. Always speak positively about your former spouse in front of your kids. Resist the urge to counter badmouth with badmouth. Instead, focus on reinforcing the unbreakable bond you share with your kids. Continue to be the supportive, nurturing and loving parent you have always been. You are the role model here, and how you handle this situation will teach your children about respect and integrity.

Communicate with your kids

Encourage your children to talk about their feelings and assure them they can be honest with you. Listening is just as important as talking. Sometimes, they just need to know that you understand and hear what they have to say.

Document your concerns

While you should avoid seeking revenge, it is equally important to document any concerning incidents. Any evidence you can record can be critical if you need to seek legal recourse. Write down dates, times and details of conversations or behaviors that suggest your former spouse is attempting to influence your children’s perception of you.

Continue to fulfill your obligations

Make sure you are on top of child support payments. Attend all scheduled visitations. Be there for school and extracurricular events. Your actions loudly show how much you care about your kids. Stick to your duties and maintain an active presence in your children’s lives. By upholding your responsibilities and staying involved, you can provide a stable foundation for your kids and demonstrate the depth of your dedication as a parent to any court.