What are the lasting effects of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Parental Alienation, Parental Rights & Responsibilities

Whether intentional or not, parental alienation can have grave consequences, harming family relationships and leaving a lasting impact on the involved parties. Both parents and children can suffer trauma and emotional distress from these incidents, making it a significant issue in and out of court. Unfortunately, not all parents are aware that their behavior can be alienating.

What long-term effects can impact children?

If left unaddressed, alienating behavior can cause the following effects:

  • Mental health issues, including anxiety, PTSD and other disorders
  • Low self-esteem and other problems forcing them to resort to harmful coping methods, such as substance abuse
  • Inability to build and maintain connections with others
  • Severe irrational fears
  • Trust issues
  • Tendencies to fall into abusive and detrimental relationships
  • Incapacity to reach full potential at school and work

These issues can impact all aspects of the child’s life growing up and as adults in the future.

Adverse effects on the family overall

Aside from affecting the children, alienation can damage parent-child relationships. These incidents can lead to grief and shame that cause rifts between parents and children. These sentiments can be severely disruptive, hindering the household from providing a safe and secure home for all family members.

Detecting and addressing parental alienation

Fortunately, parents can seek help to address alienation if detected early. The court can also intervene, helping finalize arrangements to protect the involved children and uphold each parent’s rights or responsibilities.

However, incidents of parental alienation can bring about high-stress scenarios and disputes. Parents can tread these situations carefully with adequate legal counsel. Proper guidance can also help address conflicts appropriately, considering the family’s unique needs and circumstances.